Moon in the cage

The Private Moon into the Cage. Levoca

The Moon on red grass

The Private Moon under the Spis castle in red grass. She no power for the rising.

The Moon in Spis castle

On the slope barely keeps the moon melts, escaping from barbarians. Many years have passed, and she was still with us, the moon forever. Spis castle.


Empty sky.

I was looking for the moon in the sky, and she was here on earth. Look at the stones, grass and see the light. Spis castle.2016

Moon stone. Spis castle.

Suddenly the moon shone like a giant opal. Between the stones of the fortress wall. Spis castle. Private moon in Slovakia. 2016


Private Moon in Slovakia. Uloza village.

On the road from the pub met the moon, I'm taking the celestial body in the old house on the hill. Light will be in the house, unbearably bright. House of poet Erik Groch in Ulozi village. 2016


Journey of the Private Moon in Slovakia. Look homeward.

Old yard is dark and gloomy. But the moon come dawn from heaven and children fairytale return. Levoca. 2016


Private Moon in Levoca. Homage to Magritte

Private Moon out-door installation in Levoca old town, Spis region, Slovakia.
Private Moon exhibition in Levoca Town Gallery until 30 September, 2016
Photo Leonid Tishkov(1) and Sasha Kupka(2,3)


Quantum magazine

Cover of November/December 1991 issue by artist: Leonid Tishkov, "Certificate of Design Excellence," Print magazine


Sublime of the Memory

Sublime of the Memory. Three levels. 2016. Fabric, photos, crocheting in Sign of Memory exhibition in State Arts Library from 6th July