Private Moon in Kazan

Private Moon, mobile installtion, drawings, photographs, video, 2003-2014
Contemporary Art Center SMENA, Kazan, Russia

Ladomir in the Sky

Ladomir. Aerospace ships. Installation: pasta, glue, 2007-2014. On the exhibition "Are you ready to fly" in MMOMA april 2014       

Cube of the Eternity

Cube of the Eternity, reconstruction of Malevich's architectones, installation: sugar cubes, glue, album, 2012.
State Russian Museum, St.Peterburg on the exhibition "Actual Drawing"


The Museum of Imaginary Moons

The Moon of Federico Garcia Lorca, 2014. Metall, LED, electric cable, acrilic

The Moon of Matsuo Basho, 2014. Stump of Japanese cedar, acrilic, LED
The Moon of Giorgio de Chirico, 2011. Acrilic, rubber, LED, wood, air conditioning


Living with the moon



Phosphorus. Light object. 2014. "True Story of Life, Death and Resurrection of Chemist Kraft"
in TIAMus, Tula, until 25th May 2014


Divers and Arctic flag

Divers and Flag of the Free Arctic installation  in Lenin: Icebreaker exhibition
in Lentos museum from February 27th 2014


Playing the Cyrcus

Game Over-Show Must Go On, 2010, installation: sculture of the cloun, manege, video:
fragment Koyaanisqatsi. Life Out of Balance,
 movie by Reggio, music by Philip Glass.
On Playing the Cyrcus in MMOMA from 21th February


4 th May 1953, installation: bread, salt, LED, 2008, fragment
in Belyaevo Gallery on LUCIDA Space project of NCCA from 26th February 2014