Visit of the Star

Unannounced, a single star appeared to us, shining alone, cut off from her fellows;
Like an eagle beating the air with its wings,
That’s how the star’s rays moved around it.
When you hear about the star, don’t think that it was one of the ones visible to our eyes;
No, this one was a divine, angelic power, appearing to us in the form of a star.
Can a person, just one of the meek of the earth,
Really touch it without feeling any anxiety?
Your body and soul consist of a starry substance;
If we accept a star into our lives, then our own light starts to burn even brighter,
Uniting with the eternal Light of the Morning Star.
The disintegrated world, sunk in shadow, is gathered back together and made whole by the Light,
The House that was destroyed, once upon a time, on Earth, will be rebuilt as a new, heavenly Home.  

                                                           Leonid Tishkov

                      Photographs by Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov, 2005-2006.