Living In a Trunk

Living In a Trunk is almost a Chinese story, drawn in Indian ink. It tells about a frightened rabbit, about how standing next to person there is always something Huge. Maybe it's God, subconscious, eternity or the power. Sometime you think something is folloving you in your sleep - don't be afraid: it's only an elephant and you - his trunk. This is your world, from which you can't leave. You don't even want to give up this world. In the trunk it's warm and damp. You lie there naked, but it's safe. It's haven, the mother's womb in which the infant hid. Be happy as a trunk: two tusks protect you, two tiny eyes always follow you. Tomorrow the elephant will show us a valley of violets and how to pick bananas. Living In the Trunk is the Little Prince of Sant-Exupery, in which the person and elephant can't live without each other, and each dreams about freedom, forgetting about the rose of love.

While they haven't their own elephants they must sit in anthills

Each of us has own elephants

Living In a Trunk also wants a little love

At night they awakened Living In a Trunks in alarm and they ran with gasmasks on

A very heavy suitcase but in it are Livinh In a Trunk's things

Living In a Trunk's elephant went out of his mind

Fatal mistake of a lunatic: Living In a Trunk commits the suitcide of his elephant
L.I.T.'s elephant grows to the size of the universe
L.I.T. looks in microscope and sees: even the smallest microbe lives in a trunk

What has this freedom given him L.I.T. crawls along the ground like a worm
One must look after Living In a Trunk and with food nourish Living In a Trunk
Thus sleep Living In a Trunks roll up in balls close their eyes and silently lie crying in the dark
This one that's left his trunk will still be lying on the ground when the others move ahead

While Living In a Trunks sleep their elephants are making love