Private Moon_Journey to Paris

More than simply dead…Homage to Marie Laurencin
Abandoned moon in a refuse bin – they no longer needed it, only you

Tokyo PalaceHotel for one on the roof of a palace.
But not for you, moon – you tap at the window in vain, they won't open up.

Louvre at night
The moon has laid a silvery trail across the celestial ice.
I'll give her a star found in the yard among rubbish,
leaves and discarded memories.

Moon – despairThe moon fell from the clouds, unaware this railroad was abandoned long ago.
Now she has a companion in misfortune!

Warming my hands in the moonlightThe moon is warmer than this night in La Défense,
where the wind tears hats and leaves from passing trees.

Moon and rain
Mist and rain. Tonight the moon got soaked and fell on the roof of Pen's house in Le Marais.
All around the damp nocturnal air is filled with milky light,
hopefully not dissolving my contours altogether.

Star in a refuse sack
Seeking the star in a refuse sack, you fail to see the moon behind you

Christmas is here at last!
I will ride to the fairand sell the moon for a handful of silver

Moon concert
Is such happiness really possible –
the moon in the Tuileries Garden shines on you alone

Moon and Vénus callipyge
Homage to Georges Brassens
Moon and Venus, the wind stole your clothes in the night!
Paris, you must judge, who is most beautiful now?

Today’s moon is yesterday’s sun
Homage to the Pioneer Mitya Abrosimov
An accident on the railroad like yesterday's sun

Brassaï’s moonOn the steps of Montmartre you suddenly meet the moon,
leaning on a lamppost to rest as it rises to the sky – the wonder of the night!

Metaphysical landscape with moon
Homage to Giorgio de Chirico
Worked like an office troll till late at night,
here’s the reward – the moon on the street!

Nocturnal parking lot
Stop, car, the moon is sleeping here, don’t disturb it!

Three moons
Homage to Henri Cartier-Bresson
Behind the Saint-Lazare station
six in the morning by the lunar clock.
You leave the moon forever,
the moon will never abandon you

Farewell to the moon
Don’t stop the moon, it will climb to the sky on a beam from the Eiffel Tower

Ringing the moon
The moon is here on the balcony,
but still she is far away and won't hear you ringing.

Interdit sauf la luneForbidden except to the moon,
Only the moon can settle here,
Build towers right up to the sky –
Endless floors with a hint of sorrow and tenderness,
Open to the clouds, the rain and poets who wander in by chance

Moon in the cathedral
On Christmas Eve the moon has found shelter at the Virgin Mary’s feet

Private Moon_Journey to Paris_2009
All images and text by Leonid Tishkov