The Moon of Taneda Santoka

Somewhere the moon wanders. Moon of Taneda Santoka. 2017

Metal, acrylic glass, LED

Moon dedicated to the Japanese poet Taneda Santoka. 
He was a poet-stranger, his life passed in wanderings. 
So I imagined his moon as a vagabond with a stick. 
The crescent in round spectacles, 
in a broad-brimmed hat, the wanderer is not known where with the 
stick of a Zen monk. Young moon of the old poet who wrote the immortal lines:

Now again all day
Walked towards the wind.

Without a goal, to wander and wander.
The moon follows me.

Coming home
All in the moonlight.

Wanders around the world
My old hat
Frost covered

Ichihara Art x Mix 2017, Япония