The Moon of William Blake

I want! I want! The moon of William  Blake. 2017

Metal, acrylic glass, LED

The English poet and artist William Blake has a small engraving, which he created in 
1793 for the book of his poems The Gates of Paradise. It was signed by the author 
"I want!, I want!", on it a young man put a ladder to the moon and tries to climb up. 
It is this desire to reach the moon that arises us when we see a real ladder to heaven. 
Let the ladder attached to the waning moon, but the desire of the impossible 
overcomes prudence.The installation is located on the roof of the school, in which 
young people receive knowledge, faith in the dream. The school as the base of the 
stairs to the moon, as the first step to a dream. 

All works as part of Museum of the Imaginary Moons ( 2003-2017)
Ichihara Art x Mix 2017, Japan