In a neurology text is a diagram of a person depicting with the nerve endings.
This person has a small head and big feet, because the greatest num-ber of receptors is concentrated in the soles of the feet. That is science, and here is a fairy tale: Achilles’ soul went into Achilles’ heel, the soul went into heels (Russian tale), and lives there all day. Wisdom, consciousness, life, low and high, movement and intellect are in the foot. Dabloid is the symbol of the path, or Tao, its hieroglyph is made up of two Chinese words: head and foot.
This is the sole of Brahman, the track of God, a symbol of straight-walking man, five toes are the five parts of the world, an attractive creation, simple and furry like a teddy bear.
But the Dabloid is also that which is created by our thoughts, the totality of life condition, the mold of complexes and confusions, a product of consciousness and instincts.
A person live – and his Dabloid lives. One must simply realize that he is, live with him, and await enlightenment. You are aggressive – and your Dabloid becomes red, gathering life forces. You are calm and happy, full of life – your Dabloid is transparent, his surface twinkling in space. Perhaps he will disappear and a blue light will pour around us?

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