Nikodim in Napoli EM Arts and in Seattle

Nikodim on Northwest Film Forum Seattle in November 6, 2008

Stars of Russian Video Art

1. PROVMYZA (Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)“Wet chicken” (3min 40sec)“Fugue” (19min 10sec)“Slippery mountain” (6min 25sec)These artists work in various spheres of contemporary art employing a wide range of multi-media means.
2. Victor Alimpiev (Moscow, Russia)“Sweet nightingale” (6min 50sec)Victor Alimpiev assumes the isolated viewpoint of an observer in order to capture both spontaneous and controlled nuances of human expression and behavior.
3. Lyudmila Gorlova (Moscow, Russia)“Happy end” (6min 30 sec)Lyudmila Gorlova films wedding parties on Vorobiovy Mountain, which is where the newly wed of Moscow traditionally visit. 4. Olga Chernyshova (Moscow, Russia)“The train” (7min 15sec)Chernysheva’s best know work The Train (2003) is a remarkable video journey through the carriages of a Russian intercity train that recalls the Constructivist cinema of Dziga Vertov.
5. The Blue Soup Group (Moscow, Russia)“Panorama”, “Vestibule”, “Gas” (4min 20sec) The piece references the early days of cinema when dioramas and panoramas were in common use. The camera’s 360 panning shot can be read as a metaphor of man’s life, seen as a whole.
6. The Blue Noses (Moscow-Novosibirsk, Russia)“Sex-art” (3min 10sec)“If I were Harry Potter” (4min)The term “Nailed-up Video” was coined by Viacheslav Mizin and Alexandr Shaburov in 2003. The works they produce are formally inventive yet extremely cynical in terms of content.
7. Leonid Tishkov (Moscow, Russia)“Nikodim” The story of a man’s journey (6min)Tishkov’s continually evolving narrative and space is mapped in drawings, photogrphs,prints, illustrated books, paintings, sculptures, plays and video installations. Today his work is widely shown throughout Europe and the United States, as well as in Russia. The film offers a figure of a man, an artist himself.



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