Private Moon in Leeuwarden

 Private Moon mobile light installation in a river of Leeuwarden, Frislandia. LUNA multimedia fest 2021, 30 September - 2 October 

Journey of the Private Moon & Arctic Dairy

Journey of the Private Moon & Arctic Dairy in Norilsk Museum of Art until 13 November, 2021



Private Moon in the Arctic


Private Moon installation in DK Gromov center for contemporary arts.
                        Exhibition "Explicit movement" from May 2021 until 19 September 2021


The Knitted Rocket


Knitted Rocket in Fligel Art Center,Vladimir, Russia. Exhibition Backstage. Textile in contemporary art. Until 15 July.


Ichihara ArtxMix 2020+ postponed to the future


Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, the art festival in Japan is postponed for an indefinite
time.My installations are sent to the waiting room.But the moon tickets will be valid.
Take care of them and come back!


Obvious movements

Private Moon in the Arctic, 2010, installation as part of the exhibition Obvious movements in DK Gromov of Peterburg, from 22 April


Premonition of the Space

Exhibition of Leonid Tishkov "Premonition of the Space" in Kaluga Innovation Cultural Center until 9th May 2021.


Waiting for the train to the Moon

Tickets to the Moon, from "Journey for the Seven Moons", Ichihara Art x Mix, 2020+, opening 2021


Private Moon in Damme

Private Moon mobile light installation visited in Damme, Flanders. 19 december t/m 17 januari 2021


Moon Seesaw


Moon Seesaw installation in National Museum of Republica Tatarstan, Kremlin, Kazan, 2021

Memorial to astronomer Fedor Bredikhin

Light installation "Asronomer Fedor Bredikhin and comets", 2020, Zavolzhsk, Russia


The Stairs to the Moon


The Stair to the Moon, 2020, installation in Shanghai, China


Private Moon exhibition in Seoul

Stairs to the Moon in Seoul

Stairs to the Moon installation in a top of the roof Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, 2018-2020


My moons are always on the way

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“My moons are always on the way”, seven suitcases, acrylic glass, LED, 2020, for #ichiharaartmix triennial. «Мои луны всегда в пути», 2020 station Yoro valley, railway Kominato, Ichihara, Chiba. 

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My moons are always on the way

Work in progress: new installation “My moons are always on the way”, seven suitcases, acrylic glass, LED, 2020, for #ichiharaartmix triennial. «Мои луны всегда в пути», 2020 готова для станции Долина Yoro железной дороги Коминато, Итихара, провинция Чиба. 


Minus20degree art fest in Flachau

The Moon on Earth, People in the Sky is a two-part installation connected by the poetic metaphor of memories and ideas by the Russian philosopher- cosmist Nikolay Fedorov. Embedded in the landscape the artwork evokes a sense of here-and-now by the viewers as in the surrealist Magritte’s painting.
Part1: Private Moon is an artwork in progress. It is a mobile installation and visual poem, telling the story of a man who met the Moon and stayed with her forever. Leonid Tishkov has taken it on a journey from 2003 until now. 
Part2: Their Homes Are in Heaven is a new artwork in which photos from family albums of local people are portrait in a window frame. 


Premonition of the Cosmos

Alexandra de Viveiros gallery in Paris is pleased to present "Premonition of the Cosmos", a group show around Russian cosmism, a philosophical current according to which the surrounding world is a Cosmos, that is to say an order which guarantees the appearance and the sustainability of the life, unlike the chaos that threatens both. Following cosmist philosophers, artists reinterpret the theme of the cosmos as a common home for all of us. The exhibition brings together a set of new projects of the invited artists as well as less recent works: video, photographs, installations, paintings and drawings are presented there in a new way. January - February 2020.


Private Moon in Flachau

Private Moon installation in minus20degree art
and architecture winter festival in Flachau,
Austria from 23th January 2020