The Ladder to the Moon

Leonid Tishkov. The Ladder to the Moon. Homage to William Blake. 2022. Site-specific installation, Moscow. Public art program "Here and Now". Photo PR of the Fest Here and Now, Park Zaryadie.


Private moon in the blue boat

Private moon in the blue boat, 2022. The Malevich's park.


Private Sun

Private Sun. 2022. Site-specific installation in the Malevich's Park.



In the Field of My Father

In the Field of My Father exhibition at the Gallery Sinara Art, Ekaterinburg. Until 9th January 2023




Closer to the moon only stars in Multimedia Art Museum

Personal exhibition of installaion, photos and drawings in MAMM, until 27 August 2022



My Private moon in No Man's Land

5th June 2022 present in public the piece My Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov, 
produced by Zerynthia for the Todi Festival in 2014 and now installed 
permanently at the No Man’s Land Foundation.



The Way to the Moon

Last bus stop of the way to the moon. Yoshima island, Seto inner sea, Japan. Setouchi triennale 2022

Snow Angel. Setouchi triennale

Snow Angel video and Fallen star. Setouchi triennale until 18 May 2022                                                                                                                                                                                            


Last Night on the Earth. Setouchi Triennale. 2022


The Way to the Moon project. "Last Night in the Earth".Third installation in 3 rooms in Shamijima. Hommage to great spaceman Charlie Duke from Apollo 16, who left family photo on the moon. Until 18 May 2022


Star KETs. Homage to Tsyolkovsky

 Star KETs, Homage to Konstantin Tsyolkovsky. The Way to the Moon. Setouchi triennale. From 14 April 2022

"The cube of the space" in Setouchi triennale 2022

The Million stars and one star. The way to the moon project. Nabeshima lighthouse



The moon of Hitomaro



The Moon of Hitomaro, from The Way to the Moon project. 2022.

On the sea of the heavens
Waves of cloud arise,
The moon-a boat-
Amongst a forest of stars
Rows on, hidden, or so it seems.

Setouchi Triennale 2022 from 14 April. Wood, sound. Photo by David Billa https://www.setouchiexplorer.com/


Private Moon in Schoonoord

Journey Private Moon in Coevorden and Schoonoord, small town in Friesland, Netherlands. 
March 2022.   



Private Moon in Suzhou

 “Who cares about the wind that blew yesterday.

Years go by, and the moonlight is the same today as it was before. "
Bai Juyi 白居易

On New Year's Eve 2022 in the city of Suzhou, which is a hundred kilometers from Shanghai, in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, my Private moon mobile installation lit up in a boat and set off to travel along the picturesque ancient canals of the old city. Along the same central canal, the construction of which was in charge of the poet Bai Juyi in the 7th century during the Tang era. Maybe something wonderful will happen on New Year's Eve and the poet's shadow will come to life in the light of my moon? And he will shelter my moon until February, when the year of the Water Tiger comes, so that this unpredictable tiger does not overturn the boat when it splashes in the waters of the canal. In the meantime, I congratulate everyone on New Year, may it be kind to us and bring more joy and poetry. Thank you for the invitation to the I Paint Suzhou project and photo by Qiu Meng.