Prayer moon. Private Moon in Romania

The moon in from of the church of St.Mary. Private Moon prays for salvation of the Earth.


Children of Rovinari. Private Moon in Romania

The moon cries in Rovinari. Tears of the moon - some washed away the coal dust from the grass and flowers, from the hands and faces of children.
God would return here in Rovinari, and now only the moon landed on a black ground.


No space for the moon in this sky. Private moon in Sebes

I am trying to hide with my moon from the light of poisoned stars, but my space so small and defensively. This grass does not grow flowers. It is red in color. It's almost dead. In front of the Kronospan  factory. Sebes. Romania.

Nameless Moon. Sebes Glod

Never stops a diesel-electric locomotive in the station Sebes Glod. But one day a miracle happened and the nameless moon has come to this station. Trackman now, a former teacher cosmography, every night waiting the unnamed star. But no star does not deviate from its path ...


Private moon in Romania. Save Rosia Montana

The Moon in front an artificial lake formed in Geamana Village, Rosia Poieni, Alba county, Romania, for depositing the toxic waste from a mine operation near Rosia Montana.


Private Moon in Romania. Electrum.

Private Moon as electrum, shining white gold nugget in the unhealed wound of the earth. Goldmine in Rosia Montana. Transylvania. 


Private Moon in Romania. Moon chepherd

Private Moon in Romania. Piatra Craiului. Moon Chepherd. 2015


Private moon in Romania. Beech forest

And far in the beech forests there are people who hug trees as their friends. There's the moon finds refuge and falls in love with the forest.  Piatra Craiului

Private Moon in Romania. Beech Forest

The Private Moon in virgin beech forest. A place where poetry hides. Piatra Craiului 


Pivate Moon in Romania. Violet Field

Journey of the Private Moon in Romania was from August and September 2015 in the heart of Romania -
South Carpatians from deep virgin beech tree forest to industrial place. Here is the moon visited
empty field with only one young beech tree that it left after the destruction of the beech grove a few years ago.


Pinocchio-fence, installation in exhibition Cracks, Fax, Pax - New Story of the Wooden man
 at State Literary Museum,
from 23 August until 2 November 2015.  In collaboration with GROSart gallery and
Russian Art World foundation

Deep Sea Divers in the Urals

Deep Sea Divers installtion at Ural Vision Gallery from 5th Sept 2015