Shards of the War

Leonid Tishkov. The mat from the Past, 2015. The Fild of my Father, 2006. Haim Sokol. Disinfection. 

Jochen Gerz.Question. Leonid Tishkov. The mat from Past, 2015 

Leonid Tishkov. Uman, 2015. Miroslaw Balka. Four. Shards of the War, exhibition in NCCA Baltic, Kaliningrad, from November 18, 2015

Birds and Figures

Installation Cycades, 2004, electric motors, straw cocktail.
 Last words of Velimir Khlebnikov, 2015, silkscreen, on the Birds and Figures exhibition
in Moscow Museum of Modern Art. November 23 - January 18, 2016. 


Dabloids installation in Berlin

187 Dabloids in metallic wagon, 2010-2011. Costume of  Vladimir Tatlin, 1997, Slogan Stop Dabloids, 1996, Flag of Absolute Dabloid, 1994
Balagan exhibition in Kuhlhaus, Berlin. From 14th November until 23th December 2015


Dabloid Anatomy Lesson. Geopoetic System.

Performance in the Balagan!!! exhibition. 14,11/2015. Contemporary Art from former Soviet Union and other Mythical places. Curator David Elliott
Tiny heads on monstrous feet, Dabloids absorb the characteristics surrounding them to become absurd, malign symbols of homeland, nationality, religion, ideology, race, gender and class. Tishkov, himself a former doctor, will perform an anatomy lesson on the corpse of a Dabloid by dissecting the clichés it represents.
Photo by Yerbossyn Meldibekov
Kuhlhaus. Nordwind festival. Momentum Berlin. 14 November - 23 December 2015