Private Moon and Polar bear

Private Moon installation. Homage to William Blake in Vinzavod Contemporary
Art Center from December 10th until February 2014.






19.11 – 25.12.2013


Human can never pluck the moon,

But she always goes with our step.

Shines as a mirror over red palace,

And thru the green mist she glitters.


These lines by Li Bai became prophetic for artist Leonid Tishkov. For ten years he has been wandering all over the world with a moon, to be more precise – with an electric crescent moon, like a lunar dervish, having visited with his companion Austria, England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Latvia, Czech Republic, Japan, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, the USA and many towns across Russia. In 2012, the artist travelled to the island Formosa, or modern Taiwan. This journey resulted in the exhibition in the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, in the south of the island. Pechersky Gallery presents an exhibition, which may be called a report on this Chinese trip, exposing photographs, artist’s poetry and video.

Project is accomplished with the help of Kaohsiung City Government, City Portal: Museum Park Public Art Project, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

Photographs by Leonid Tishkov and Po-I Chen, 2012.


Deep Sea Diver - Light House

Leonid Tishkov. Deep Sea Diver Light House. Homage to Vera Mukhina
in Krokin gallery until November 8th

Republic of the Moon



How to become a genius artist without any drop of talent

In May 2013, O.G.I. Publishers published the second extended edition of Leonid Tishkov’s book, How to Become a Genius Artist if You Have No Talent. The book, illustrated by the author, combines in a holistic narrative a number of literary genres: memoirs, stories about artists (ancient Japanese and Chinese artists, European masters from the Renaissance to the 20th century), and descriptions of various art practices. This publication became the most complete biography of Tishkov, who is considered one of the major myth creators of the present day.
The artist will also talk about his recent exhibitions and works included in NCCA’s collection, among which are such famous installation as Solveig, Private Moon, Higher, Higher, and Higher and others.
Free admission


Carrying the moon

Leonid Tishkov. Private Moon in America.
Please pick up me and my moon in some better place!

Photo by Leonid Tishkov and Colby Waller

Article from Washington Post newspaper

Carrying the moon has made Russian artist Leonid Tishkov a star


Private moon in America_photos from the scene

All photographs by Kaitlin Jencso (C)
More here:


Journey of the Private Moon in America

Lincoln Spaceship and moon landing
National Mall, Washington DC

In silent darkness of night as white spaceship with
astronaut Abraham Lincoln flying to the moon.
Wasted power! The moon itself has landed for all people here.
Under shadow of  the Washington monument
National Mall, Washington DC

The Private moon and I in the desert solitudes that surround it,
as the tired pigs dozing in the holy calm of its protecting shadow.

...take thy form from off my door!

House of Edgar Alain Poe 
Baltimore, MD.

"Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door-  
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;-                
This it is, and nothing more."

Private moon in Accokeek forest

Red wagon.
Reiben house. Accokeek.

Broken lantern still does not go off
Pool of moonlight.
Reiben house. Accokeek.

Old pool — hat jumped in — sound of water

Moon lighthouse

Moon lighthouse of the Masonic temple.
Alexandria, VA

I bring crescent moon at threshold of the House stars as
a new cresset of forgotten truth

Wild life in the moonlight

Moon window to the ocean
National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD

The ocean before risen to the moon, one day  the moon came to the ocean.
Justice has been done!

It is not the Moonfish
National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD

The moon reflected in the glass and we are not
who really are?
Only ever living turtles.
Moonrise in rainforest
National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD

Moon tangled vines
where is my machete?
it was taken away at the entrance to the Aquarium!


Nightfall in Antietam

At 10 am Union Gen. Ambrose Burnside's Ninth Corps began its 
assaults on the Lower Bridge. By 1 pm Federals had driven the 
Confederates from the bluff overlooking the creek. 
The battle ended about 6 pm. 
Of nearly 100, 000 soldiers engaged in battle, 
about 23,000 were killed, wounded, or missing...

Private moon on Antietam Battlefield in Maryland

Lunar preaching in Dunker Church
Antietam, Sharpsburg, MD

Where pacifists lived and grew corn
the war came and gathered the Death harvest
The moon is worried for you, earthlings!
Private Moon in Pigsty
Antietam, Sharpsburg, MD

That night the moon moved into the pigsty
and before bedtime went to tell stars goodbye
we saw her and admired her purity

Fallen Union soldier on Mumma farm
Antietam, Sharpsburg, MD

Farmer Samuel Mumma buried a fallen soldier after the battle
Never again did anyone take this shovel in hand


Private Moon in America

Hobo on the rain roof.
Capital View Terrace, Washington, D.C.
The USA project was produced in collaboration with the Hand Print Workshop International



De l'amour que l'on ne comprend pas_The Private Moon

Private moon installation. Homage to William Blake, 2003-2013 on
Kunstenfestival in Watou, Belgium


De l'amour que l'on ne comprend pas_The Knitling

The Knitling, 2002, photo from artist family's album and the suit knitted by mother
of the artist from old wear of late relatives
On Kunstenfestival Watou 2013 from July 6th until September 1th


The Homecoming

Recreation images from bits of the late life, buttons on canvas, The carpet from bronze,
The Mothefather, fabric and photos, 2008

The Suitcase on the father, light object, 2007

Buckets with Light, 2007

Snow angel, installation, fabric, crystal vase, LED, rag carpet, hair, beads,video,sound,1999

4th May 1953, black bread's houses with lights, 2009
on The Homecomig exhibition at H.L.A.M. gallery in Voronezh from 5th June


My Womb

My Womb, soft object crocheted from wear of my late mother, 2007
on THE HOMECOMING exhibition at H.L.A.M. Gallery in Voronezh


Dabloids in The Hague

Dabloids Factory installation at Atrium Den Haag on Russia XXI exhibition
from 28th May 2013

Deep Sea Divers in The Hague

Deep Sea Divers in Museum Beelden aan Zee
from 28th May until 27th October 2013

Ice Skate Tower in The Hague

Ice Skate Tower on Lange Voorhout in The Hague on Russia XXI exhibition
from 28th May until 27Tth September 2013


Private moon in The Hague

The Private Moon installation on the Voorhout alley in The Hague
from 28th May until 15th September 2013


Journey of the Private Moon.Kazakhstan

With Private Moon at the Yurt.
The Private Moon as the unexpected divine guest from Heavens.
The Private Moon in the Shelter.
The Tian-Shang Observatory. 

The Private Moon at the walls of a large telescope.
The Tian-Shang Observatory.