Private Moon in Prague

Private Moon: light object, video at  Jiri Svestka gallery
on Derelict Utopies in Prague from June 28th  until August 11th 2012

Ladomir in Prague

Ladomir. Objects of Utopia. Homage to Velimir Khlebnikov,
 album and Flying House, 2007 - 2012

Solntcestan(Suncity) capital of the Ladomir from spaghetti and bread

Radio Tower, Stairs and Bread people,
317 Chairmans of the Globe or "khlebnikovs"

Tower, homage to Velimir Khlebnikov

Sun  Flying House ( homage to Ivan Leonidov)
at Jiri Svestka gallery on Derelict Utopies
from June 28th until August 11th 2012 in Prague

Dabloids in Prague

Dabloid banner: universal sign, silk, 1993

Dabloid installation, canvas, acrylic and silk banner, 1990-2010

Banner Stop Dabloids, silk, acrylic,1997 and Faсtory of  Dabloids,2010 

Factory of Dabloids, canvas, ink, acrylic, soft object, 2010

Dabloid Costume: Vladimir Tatlin's face and Joseph Beuys' felt  back side,
1993-2011 at Jiri Svestka gallery on Derelict Utopies in Prague