Dabloids in The Hague

Dabloids Factory installation at Atrium Den Haag on Russia XXI exhibition
from 28th May 2013

Deep Sea Divers in The Hague

Deep Sea Divers in Museum Beelden aan Zee
from 28th May until 27th October 2013

Ice Skate Tower in The Hague

Ice Skate Tower on Lange Voorhout in The Hague on Russia XXI exhibition
from 28th May until 27Tth September 2013


Private moon in The Hague

The Private Moon installation on the Voorhout alley in The Hague
from 28th May until 15th September 2013


Journey of the Private Moon.Kazakhstan

With Private Moon at the Yurt.
The Private Moon as the unexpected divine guest from Heavens.
The Private Moon in the Shelter.
The Tian-Shang Observatory. 

The Private Moon at the walls of a large telescope.
The Tian-Shang Observatory.


Private Moon on a pine-tree

The Private Moon on a pine-tree in Panfilov's park on Light Up show
in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Private Moon in Almaty

Private Moon in Tengri-Umai Gallery in Almaty, Kazakhstan