The Crane for the Moon. Xiaogang container yard

Autumn swans are all gone.
I am sick at inappropriate time,
Everyone has gone to the moon for a feast.
I ask my close friends
To steal the moon
And hang it on my window.


Sugar moon.Ciaotou Sugar factory

The wind and rain making noise all night
The sea of fallen leaves around.
See the sugar moon in gold waves
Jump toward her
And surely drown in gold leaf
Because I don't know how swim.

Photo Po-I Chen

Metal forest. Shipyard

My world is covered by a metal forest
And the moon stuck in the rusty trees.
Risking my life I will go and release her
even if I will die!
My barren life in the metal woods.

Photo Po-i Chen


At the straw store. Cishan

Hats, bags and umbrellas are all for sale
They are made of straws and almost free!
Buy something, strange foreigner!
Except that the moon will be never yours
You can only take away some moonlight

Photo Po-i Chen


Homecoming. Meinong tobacco barns

I returned to my empty home remembering
My father brought this firewood.
The unused cold furnace
Was like my fireless, empty heart.
But the moon will bring a new fire
To me and warm me again.

Photo Po-i Chen


House for the moon. Meinong

On the roof of my run-down home,
There are houses for birds
At a higher place I built a house for the moon,
My heavenly  friend.
I am happy to stay on the broken Earth
As long as the moon does not leave me.

Leonid Tishkov. Private Moon. Kaohsiung. 2012

Photo Po-I Chen


Who washed ashore? Sizihwan

From somewhere in far places
Was washed ashore of mine
The dead Tree and the live Moon.
Or me was washed to their shores
Me half-dead poet-nomad

Leonid Tishkov.Private Moon.Kaohsiung.2012

Photo Po-i Chen

Stray Cats. Shanhai

At the top of the steps of a seaside temple
(How did I get here?)
Stray cats treated me as a close friend
And my moon, the best friend for all wanderers.
Go where ever you want,
The moon will never leave you!

Leonid Tishkov.Private Moon.Kaohsiung.2012


Farewell to the Moon. Sizihwan

The moon becomes brighter
Before she rises to the sky.
Which way should I take?
By what river will I meet her?
An empty boat berthed the quay
Looks just like the moon

Journey of the Private Moon to Formosa
From 13th November 2012, Kaouhsiung