Gate for the moon

Private Moon comes to your house. And she stay with you forever. Private Moon in the Urals. Summer 2015

Private Moon in the Urals. Summer

Private Moon and Red Mushrooms. Urals. 


Look Homeward for blind people

Vision of art through touch
Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale 2015


Look Homeward in Siberia

Look Homeward exhibition in Krasnoyarsk Museum Center from 30 Sentember 2015. 


Strangers in the town. Private Moon in Romania

Waiting for Godot. Something has to happen in a strange city. Private Moon in Bucharest. Victoria street. 


The Moon in trash. Private moon in Romania

Luna thrown in the trash. Or she decided to highlight their light to empty plastic bottles scattered man on the road through the mountains and fields, around the world. Billions of bottles, tons of plastic, cover the entire Earth. The moonlight reflected in the blue surface of the empty bottles, as once reflected on the surface of lakes.

Living Stones. Private Moon in Romania

I see as a mad gardener watering the stones when they are just dead stones, lying beside the road. 
But a year later everyone will see that they will be more, and twenty years later, covered with flowers.
And  after another twenty years whole Earth will be a beautiful garden, you only need to be watered every day these stones,
not to stop and to believe that they are alive. Trovanti. Costesti. Romania

Аt the end of the path. Private Moon in Romania

The Private Moon and pilgrim in the church yard. Santamaria Orlea, Romania