The Moon in Setouchi

The Moon of Hitomaro. 2019. Old boat, metal, arcrylic glass, LED. Setouchi Triennale from 26th April. Shamijima, Sakeido, Seto Inland Sea, Japan. 

In imagination, the one who is already gone begin to live in the landscape. We miss the expanse and the infinity of a field. The school was abandoned and become alone. As bookshelf was. The voices of children were hidden between the pages of books, however the books flew away following heron. Now, instead of books, there are the Moon and the Sun floating above the salt hill in the empty book shelves. A bit of bitter salt remains, and there are waves of sky blue and white. The shape of one human being goes crossing the wilderness. At the unmanned shore, unmanned boat is awaiting him. Look, the sailboat of the moon is shining above that.

In the sea of heaven

Cloud waves rise and the moon boat sails

Into a forest of stars,

Then is seen no more

Kakinomoto Hitomaro Manyoshu(Volume 7, 1068)

Solveig in Japan

Solveig. Landscape of Memories. 2004-2019. Salt, video, wood, wool, music by E.Grieg. Installation in Setouchi Triennale from 26th April 2019. Shamijima, Sakaide, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

The Sun in Setouchi

"The Moon and the Sun in empty bookshelves". 2019. Acrylic glass, salt, LED, wood. Setouchi Triennale, from 26 April
Shamijima, Sakaide, Seto Inland Sea, Japan.


La Lune privee a Grand Palais

The 50-year anniversary of the first human step on the Moon is an opportunity to study, present and celebrate the long history that links humans with this familiar celestial body, through the artworks and objects that embody the countless visions and emotions it has inspired. This five-part exhibition is a journey to the Moon, through dimensions both real and imaginary. Each stage takes visitors on a voyage through time, revealing artistic creations from Antiquity to the modern day, produced mainly in Europe but also by African, Arab and Far Eastern civilisations.