Art-Zavod exhibition in Ekaterinburg

Dabloid Production Shop

The installation is a workshop for production of bulk products, namely objects, known as "Dabloids." This action-performance to work during the festival exhibition. For this purpose, invited a few workers and workers laid off from Worsted Plant. They paid the average daily wage in the mill, the number of days worked. They should sew Dabloid fabric, fill them and put on the table during the working day of the exhibition. Women workers and employees must be dressed in the form of a working mill, have experience of working with fabric, sewing. Design and sample products will be provided by the artist. Installation itself is a shop - a few tables - tables with sewing machines, table for the pattern, a table for packing and tables for the finished product. On the wall is hung with posters technological plans, drawings of the product. Foreman - inspector of finished products must be member of the NCCA. He should give the salary and monitor the implementation of standards, quality of products. On the wall is hung a banner with the text "production shop Dabloid" and a couple of maintaining the enthusiasm of the workers. Most importantly, the workers were satisfied with working conditions and wages.

During the exhibition it is clear that wage labor is pure art, although it is hard to believe. But the fact remains. The artist pays for labor and the workers themselves become part of an art project, paid for it. Money itself is played as a catalyst for creativity, no increment, and not bringing profits, and vice versa - they disappear, turning in a pile of useless items - Dabloid, as part of this money goes into the hands of workers, allowing them to exist.
Thus is manifested the social function of art, art becomes necessary people in the literal sense, while maintaining the purity and perfection, becomes an act of kindness and selflessness.

Dabloids, 1994-2009

Following the precepts of the great artist Vladimir Tatlin, the developer of the principle of «thing-IDEA», exactly the opposite, I used a variant of «IDEA-thing», because of the great Platonic principle of all that surrounds us - it is only shadows of things rather than things themselves. Our consciousness has given them the form and labeled. Dabloids - a phantom of human consciousness, mental baggage, social and family clichés, so make the whole of Dabloids - the primary task of the artist - avant-gardist. Manufacturing Dabloid don’t makes man free, but indicates the path of liberation. Consciously laboring in the field of reproduction Dabloid, the worker embodies in his funny and a bit strange form of all that pent up, that prevented him to live, that tormented his soul bonded circumstances. Through Dabloid – to freedom. Through Dabloid’s work - a revolution of consciousness!