Journey of the Private Moon in Lviv

I want! I want! Homage to W.Blake, Private Moon in Lviv 2012

Boy and Moon, Private Moon in Lviv 2012


The Cube of Eternity


“The Eternity Cube” exhibition is a curious exploration in the beginnings of one of the main Kasimir Malevich’s art-patterns – the square, the cube and the  architecton. The installation is actually a reconstruction of the architectons, made of refined sugar cubes, and the album with the drawings - the recreation of Malevich’s biography facts, plus video “The Kasimir’s cube”.

I’ve been thinking of Malevich’s cube mystery, what it is and where had it come from. 12 years have passed from the first time I took a small black representation of eternity in my weak hands. It is a long but very symbolic term: the Dradon year came back and presented me an answer. The answer was hidden in Malevich’s childhood: “like photo negatives are hidden in a case, waiting for being developed”. The black square appeared today on a negative and the picture is glowing with a snow-white refined sugar cube!

The Kazimir’s father, Severin Malevich, took his son to the sugar refining factory, where he was a director. “I was walking with my father on the factory and saw machines, new for those years, fast rotating centrifuges with white sugar in there.” Later he writes: “The color should be destroyed, that means that it should be changed to white.” The factory has been fabricating also refined sugar in square pieces, it has been packaged in amount of 250 pieces in a pack with the name “Tshainiy”. There was always a lot of sugar cubes in Malevich’s family, so Kazimir was surrounded by it from the childhood.

Those times the sugar cube had equal 1,5 sm sides, tight and absolutely snow-white. This geometric “present” of his father was the main pattern in Kazimir’s childhood, was the basic  figure ih his creative space. It was a sugar cube that provoked Kazimir to create Architectons in the future, starting by constructing some buildings made of sugar on his infant table.

In 1915 white sugar cube turned out to be a black negative – “The Black Square”. A little bit later the artist Kazimir Malevich has been using the refined sugar to the unpractical, senseless creating of abstract, architect, nonobjective relationship. That’s how Architectons appeared – “with no price, no function, non-constructive, blind buildings” otherwise Planits.

The Cube of Eternity, exhibition at Krokin gallery from 6th September
until 7th October, 2012.
Research of  the genesis of Kazimir Malevich's Archtectones

Boy and The Moon

New book for children of Leonid Tishkov:
Boy and The Moon,
OGI, Moscow, 2012