The Boy and the Moon. Xsiaolin

We brought the light-box
And put it on the roof of a school.
Po-I fell! It hurt!
I watched a proof photo in Moscow by email and chose a composition.
I-Ching switched on the light.
And miracle happened to a boy from Xsiaolin village:
The moon came down to him from Heaven!

Photo Po-I Chen

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Under broken bridge. Maolin

I embrace the moon on a big rock
The rock was cast out from the heaven
And thrown into the valley by typhoon
My embrace is strong and powerful
But still unable to keep the fog in my hands
as life passed away.

Leonid Tishkov. Private Moon
Photographer Po-I Chen
Taiwan's Trip of the Private Moon 2012
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Dump. Daliao

I wandered on the land of waste things
Looking for a lost love
Suddenly I saw the light
Someone threw the moon as today's
unnecessary poetic symbol
I picked it up and put in my heart
Magic silver light beamed from
every pore of my skin
Once more once more
I'm the moon for you

Leonid Tishkov. Private Moon

Photographer Po-I Chen
Taiwan's Trip of the Private Moon 2012
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Shelter. Qijin

On the shore of this island
The army left an abandoned bunker
It became a shelter for the moon during the day
And a stairway in the night.
Her ray is reflected
by the empty cooper shell

Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov
Taiwan trip 2012
Photo Po-I Chen


On the boat.Ziguan

We are waiting with the moon
For the fishermen returning late.
Red flags and the yellow moon
Are reflected in the sea.
Where is my reflection?
Has it fled with Chang'e?


At clay oven. Dashu. Sanhe Kilns

The mountains parted and the moon
came out of the clouds.
Now my path is clear and straight.
But my life may not be long enough
To get the lighthouse
Where three rivers join together

Photo Po-I Chen

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Moon World.Tianliao

The lake filled with peace
And me too. I caught a fish but catch the moon.
Would stay here forever,
But there will come a new scurry day
And the moon run away!

Photo Po-i Chen

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


The Crane for the Moon. Xiaogang container yard

Autumn swans are all gone.
I am sick at inappropriate time,
Everyone has gone to the moon for a feast.
I ask my close friends
To steal the moon
And hang it on my window.


Sugar moon.Ciaotou Sugar factory

The wind and rain making noise all night
The sea of fallen leaves around.
See the sugar moon in gold waves
Jump toward her
And surely drown in gold leaf
Because I don't know how swim.

Photo Po-I Chen

Metal forest. Shipyard

My world is covered by a metal forest
And the moon stuck in the rusty trees.
Risking my life I will go and release her
even if I will die!
My barren life in the metal woods.

Photo Po-i Chen


At the straw store. Cishan

Hats, bags and umbrellas are all for sale
They are made of straws and almost free!
Buy something, strange foreigner!
Except that the moon will be never yours
You can only take away some moonlight

Photo Po-i Chen


Homecoming. Meinong tobacco barns

I returned to my empty home remembering
My father brought this firewood.
The unused cold furnace
Was like my fireless, empty heart.
But the moon will bring a new fire
To me and warm me again.

Photo Po-i Chen


House for the moon. Meinong

On the roof of my run-down home,
There are houses for birds
At a higher place I built a house for the moon,
My heavenly  friend.
I am happy to stay on the broken Earth
As long as the moon does not leave me.

Leonid Tishkov. Private Moon. Kaohsiung. 2012

Photo Po-I Chen


Who washed ashore? Sizihwan

From somewhere in far places
Was washed ashore of mine
The dead Tree and the live Moon.
Or me was washed to their shores
Me half-dead poet-nomad

Leonid Tishkov.Private Moon.Kaohsiung.2012

Photo Po-i Chen

Stray Cats. Shanhai

At the top of the steps of a seaside temple
(How did I get here?)
Stray cats treated me as a close friend
And my moon, the best friend for all wanderers.
Go where ever you want,
The moon will never leave you!

Leonid Tishkov.Private Moon.Kaohsiung.2012


Farewell to the Moon. Sizihwan

The moon becomes brighter
Before she rises to the sky.
Which way should I take?
By what river will I meet her?
An empty boat berthed the quay
Looks just like the moon

Journey of the Private Moon to Formosa
From 13th November 2012, Kaouhsiung


The Moon in Taiwan

Rene Magritte, Le Banquet, 1955

The Moon, The Neiweipi Cultural Park,
from 28th September 2012


Journey of the Private Moon in Lviv

I want! I want! Homage to W.Blake, Private Moon in Lviv 2012

Boy and Moon, Private Moon in Lviv 2012


The Cube of Eternity


“The Eternity Cube” exhibition is a curious exploration in the beginnings of one of the main Kasimir Malevich’s art-patterns – the square, the cube and the  architecton. The installation is actually a reconstruction of the architectons, made of refined sugar cubes, and the album with the drawings - the recreation of Malevich’s biography facts, plus video “The Kasimir’s cube”.

I’ve been thinking of Malevich’s cube mystery, what it is and where had it come from. 12 years have passed from the first time I took a small black representation of eternity in my weak hands. It is a long but very symbolic term: the Dradon year came back and presented me an answer. The answer was hidden in Malevich’s childhood: “like photo negatives are hidden in a case, waiting for being developed”. The black square appeared today on a negative and the picture is glowing with a snow-white refined sugar cube!

The Kazimir’s father, Severin Malevich, took his son to the sugar refining factory, where he was a director. “I was walking with my father on the factory and saw machines, new for those years, fast rotating centrifuges with white sugar in there.” Later he writes: “The color should be destroyed, that means that it should be changed to white.” The factory has been fabricating also refined sugar in square pieces, it has been packaged in amount of 250 pieces in a pack with the name “Tshainiy”. There was always a lot of sugar cubes in Malevich’s family, so Kazimir was surrounded by it from the childhood.

Those times the sugar cube had equal 1,5 sm sides, tight and absolutely snow-white. This geometric “present” of his father was the main pattern in Kazimir’s childhood, was the basic  figure ih his creative space. It was a sugar cube that provoked Kazimir to create Architectons in the future, starting by constructing some buildings made of sugar on his infant table.

In 1915 white sugar cube turned out to be a black negative – “The Black Square”. A little bit later the artist Kazimir Malevich has been using the refined sugar to the unpractical, senseless creating of abstract, architect, nonobjective relationship. That’s how Architectons appeared – “with no price, no function, non-constructive, blind buildings” otherwise Planits.

The Cube of Eternity, exhibition at Krokin gallery from 6th September
until 7th October, 2012.
Research of  the genesis of Kazimir Malevich's Archtectones

Boy and The Moon

New book for children of Leonid Tishkov:
Boy and The Moon,
OGI, Moscow, 2012


Private Moon in Prague

Private Moon: light object, video at  Jiri Svestka gallery
on Derelict Utopies in Prague from June 28th  until August 11th 2012

Ladomir in Prague

Ladomir. Objects of Utopia. Homage to Velimir Khlebnikov,
 album and Flying House, 2007 - 2012

Solntcestan(Suncity) capital of the Ladomir from spaghetti and bread

Radio Tower, Stairs and Bread people,
317 Chairmans of the Globe or "khlebnikovs"

Tower, homage to Velimir Khlebnikov

Sun  Flying House ( homage to Ivan Leonidov)
at Jiri Svestka gallery on Derelict Utopies
from June 28th until August 11th 2012 in Prague

Dabloids in Prague

Dabloid banner: universal sign, silk, 1993

Dabloid installation, canvas, acrylic and silk banner, 1990-2010

Banner Stop Dabloids, silk, acrylic,1997 and Faсtory of  Dabloids,2010 

Factory of Dabloids, canvas, ink, acrylic, soft object, 2010

Dabloid Costume: Vladimir Tatlin's face and Joseph Beuys' felt  back side,
1993-2011 at Jiri Svestka gallery on Derelict Utopies in Prague


Derelict Utopies

Derelict Utopies exhibition at Jiri Svestka Gallery
in Prague from 28th June until 11th August 2012


Divers from the Heaven and Rag Sun

Installations Rag Sun and Divers
from the Heaven, found wear and photos
of artist's kin, salt, 2004, on exhibition "Life from the End"
of  NCCA and Tula Necropilis from 19th May

We leave home and come back Home.
Everything remained the same in that house
as when we’d left it and yet everything was
different -- it was illumined with the light of
eternity, the light of universal farewell.
In this world of eternal returns any
phenomenon of the present carries
within itself the past and the future,
that is the eternity itself.

Everything here, at the edge of the eternity,
becomes a symbol and is multiplied through
similarities, as a crystal in its matrix, in
the solution of its soul, becomes
overgrown with its past experiences
and turns into a magic creature capable
of expressing its secret thoughts
about the subconscious events
of its innermost life, in the language
of the objects from the external world.
Thus the artist spins a thread out of
the formless cloud of being,
twisting it round the spindle of his
imagination to create his mythological world.


Private Moon in Moscow

Private Moon light installation in the Muzeon park,
Moscow, from 30th April until 30th May,


Private Moon in New Zealand

Shooting the Private Moon at the foot of the volcano Rangitoto
Photo by Julz Glover

Leonid Tishkov
Private Moon in New Zealand
Photo by Marcus Williams and SP5 Unitec, Auckland , 2011