Leonid Tishkov. In Search of the Miraculous

Dates: January 28, 2010 — March 14, 2010 Venue: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Ermolaevsky, 17 Opening: January 27, 2010, at 7 pm
Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a retrospective show of the Moscow well-known artist Leonid Tishkov an artist, a narrator and a visionary, at the same time ironic and poetic. A total installation, presenting the imaginary worlds of Dabloids, Divers, Stomakis, and other creatures, created by artist within 30 years of his creative work, will take up several floors of the museum. Combining folklore and surrealism, addressing the theme of memory, and using banal subjects, Leonid Tishkov is always true to himself, turning art into a visual theatre. It is essential for the artist to see the world through he eyes of a child, to notice its miraculous manifestations, and, eventually, to turn into a fantasy creature himself.Leonid Tishkov is an integral part of Moscow art scene, a self-sufficient «brand». Few of his contemporaries have retained similar inner creative motivation. Long ago, he stepped over the line of searching for self-identification in art. His strategy lies in the continuous mythmaking, in producing rich and extremely dynamic narrative, in which the diversity of form originates from perpetually generated content diversity.
The display will represent a journey from the Lower World, through the Middle World, to the Upper World. The 4 floors will feature installations-narrations, arranged regardless of the date of execution. The Lower World speaks about Dabloids, Stomakis, Divers, Wooden Logs, People Living in Elephants’ trunks. The Middle-World is represented by biographic works: Knitling, Look at Your House, In My Father’s Field, Mother’s Dress, etc. The Upper-World addresses the sky: Talking to Heaven, Divers from heaven, the Moon, the Star, Solveig, Light is All Around, Ladomir: Objects of Utopia.
The show at Moscow Museum of Modern Art will present new installation «In Search of the Miraculous», dedicated to Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, who went missing in the Atlantic Ocean 30 years ago.

Specially for the exhibition was published a catalog "In Search of the Miraculous" of 430 pages in color