Divers from the Heaven and Rag Sun

Installations Rag Sun and Divers
from the Heaven, found wear and photos
of artist's kin, salt, 2004, on exhibition "Life from the End"
of  NCCA and Tula Necropilis from 19th May

We leave home and come back Home.
Everything remained the same in that house
as when we’d left it and yet everything was
different -- it was illumined with the light of
eternity, the light of universal farewell.
In this world of eternal returns any
phenomenon of the present carries
within itself the past and the future,
that is the eternity itself.

Everything here, at the edge of the eternity,
becomes a symbol and is multiplied through
similarities, as a crystal in its matrix, in
the solution of its soul, becomes
overgrown with its past experiences
and turns into a magic creature capable
of expressing its secret thoughts
about the subconscious events
of its innermost life, in the language
of the objects from the external world.
Thus the artist spins a thread out of
the formless cloud of being,
twisting it round the spindle of his
imagination to create his mythological world.